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Towards a non linear typography?

EXP – a non profit research team, has a very interesting blog.
They discuss in this article the Aztec writing system:
When we think to writing and printing as visual forms, we always accept the linguistic and alphabetical model of linearity as the basis for organizing syntactically coherent and effective messages. However, this is perhaps the relic of a misconception about what a graphic notation really is – and what can do –, grounded on the idea of a parallel between verbal syntax (which is necessarily unilinear since it follows the flow of time, although no performed speech act is literally linear nor monodimensional) and visual entaxis (which is the distribution in a synoptic space of inscription of features, characters and groups of notational units as tokens, assumed as identical with syntax while in no way has to coincide with it).
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They were at Lisbon’s ATypI (pics here) and will be talking at the “Trianalle de Milano“, starting January 20 until April 25.

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