1. I don’t know German; therefore, I fail to understand the criteria to choose these type faces. Why wasn’t Courier among them?

    Actually, I didn’t find any monospace font among these hundred faces. I didn’t check them all, neither am I an expert on the matter.

    I strange the lack of Courier because of its impact on society. For many years, I’ve been used to see Courier face on official documents, in Portugal. I even got a CESAR layout typewriter in middle nineties, as my folks were too poor to offer me a computer, and it typed in Courier face.

    Now that I’m a computation student (oh, the irony), I look very carefully at monospaced fonts and their basic properties, such as proportion, and readability.

    I’d like to learn more about typefaces. Pedro Serrão, would you, please, add more detail on this article?

    No wonder Helvetica has won. It’s modern, slick, detailed¹, and readable. It’s a powerful font.

    ¹ – by comparison with Arial, its inferior imitation.

  2. Javier Candeira says

    I haven’t looked at the list very carefully, but Letter Gothic (which has a monospaced version) is in it. So at least one monospaced font crept in.

  3. Jürgen Siebert says

    @ hugo: I am proud to answer your question. For our ranking we excluded typefaces that are distributet with OS and printers like Arial, Verdana, Georgia and also Courier.
    Monospaced: You will find Letter Gothic in our list and also the crazy FF Trixie typewriter font. Some other Families include very nice monospaced variants like FF Fago, FF Quadraat and Fedra.

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