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Rodrigo Sanchez Interview

Read this nice interview at SpeakUp with the Art Director of METROPOLI, Rodrigo Sanchez, that recently won a Type Directors Club award.

Rodrigo joined El Mundo in 1992, where he is the Art Director of three of the newspaper’s supplements along with other tasks required by the large publishing group. Since graduating from Universidad Computense de Madrid, Rodrigo has been working in the editorial field: The finance magazine Mercado, was the first job that offered him design control; he then joined El Sol in 1990 where he met legendary editorial designers Roger Black and Eduardo Danilo (of Danilo Black) whom he credits for opening his mind (and doors) to editorial design of the highest quality. For the last 15 years Rodrigo has been producing covers for Metrópoli that defy normal design routines and display a wonderful range of visual executions that range from the expected to the short-of-breath-magnificent.

Here’s a gallery of 50 front covers of Metropoli, to open your appetite.

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