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Acido Surtido

From Buenos Aires, Argentina, comes a great multidisciplinary magazine:
Acido Surtido is a publication on art and design distributed for free in the whole country (Argentina). The first issue of Acido Surtido was published in 2001, as an answer to the lack of action and the downhearted feelings that was threatening the national cultural production in those days. Trying to take over collective construction common places, Acido Surtido opens itself to other voices, getting together in order to share. A kind of generosity is underlying: those who offer the place, those who give their work, those who receive it and make its sense. There are some other principles. Avoiding commercialization and production paraphernalia that could make its cooperation spirit strange and move towards massive circulation. Betting on the quality of its contents secretly hoping to achieve fulfillment. In a nut shell: find the difficult balance between a high level publication and a self-produced fanzine.

Our collaborators come from different disciplines, but they are mostly linked to visual arts: designers, photographers, illustrators, fine arts artists. However, throughout our issues there has been a heterogeneous universe which also includes writers and poets together with other collaborators who could have hardly had the opportunity to develop project-like experiences.

Source: Slanted

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