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Irony mark

The introduction of a new character or even ‘just’ a punctuation mark is a hard, long and complex process. As every person -who can read or write- has an opinion about language and the use of language, mostly linguistic developments move with the speed of the most conservative writers/readers. Which means, every new proposal will be criticized and most likely won’t survive in the end. Most of our currently used characters in the latin alphabet, letters numbers and other characters we use, have a long tradition and history. It’s very hard to add a new character which lacks all that history and convention. One of the rare exceptions maybe is the notorious
interrobang, invented in the sixties, and now, more than 40 years later, in 2007 natively implemented in Microsofts ClearType font collection.

Commissioned by the CPNB (foundation for the Collective Promotion for the Dutch Book), Underware created an irony character.

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