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Letterpress Matters

For you in London, don’t miss the Letterpress Matters exhibition and workshops, 3-7 July 2007 at Camberwell College of Arts:

It is no coincidence that type was traditionally referred to as matter. In a time when the last generation of professionally-trained compositors are retiring, Letterpress Matters, as part of the Postgraduate Summer Show 2007 at Camberwell College of Arts, explores the inherent material nature of letterpress and celebrates its new possibilities in our ever more digitally-engaged contemporary culture.

The integrity of letterpress lies in its material and physical process. Therefore, involving the audience as much as I myself am involved in the hands-on printing process is crucial. So
come and join a guided tour of the letterpress workshop at our very own Camberwell College of Arts. With the rich history of the Camberwell Press and the technical expertise of Ian Primarolo, the letterpress workshop is now a rare and inimitable place.

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