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Boris Dworschak just told me has released his new font over at Die-Gestalten.

IkiruSerif is a contemporary Slab-Serif font family with enough esprit to make your graphic language teem with zest and power. Ikiru means “to live, to exist” in Japanese and the typeface comes in 10 weights including thin, light, medium, bold and their italic versions – all of which are designed from the thin version giving the typeface an elegant, sharp and discreet appearance and a forceful, concise look in the bold versions. The IkiruSerif font family is suitable for composing texts of various lengths – effective for a wide range of daily use. The thin version is especially designed for usage in big point sizes, for instance in posters or banners.

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  1. I am sorry to see that the “italics” don’t seem to be drawn specifically as italic, but rather merely slanted versions of the upright.

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