• That’s really funny 🙂

  • So awesome.

  • Love it!

    I’m definitely going to start saying keming from now on.

  • Sam

    Very good! very… VERY good.

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  • t.

    haha. cant stop laughing!

    /t. stockholm, sweden

  • While I chuckle here I wonder how far I’ve descended into geekdom that I still find type puns funny.

    Brilliant through, just brilliant!

  • could someone please use it in a sentence?

  • Suimg loiu, sweet chariot, keming for to camy nie home.

  • kemi

    This is funny, i av never heard of keming b4 untill i typed in my own name, Kemi is my real name and it means, God takes care of me in Nigerian Yoruba language.