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BAQ Rounded (Reproduced)


This is a brand new re-designed version of an existing typeface I designed last year, BAQ Rounded. The old original typeface had a lot of imperfections, jagged corner jilts, and uneven angles. So, I have taken another look at the typeface over the last couple of weeks, and tuned all imperfections, corners, and other elements.

The original face only featured uppercase letters, this new and improved full version has a complete set of 255 characters, including digits and full ascii characters. Manually kerned it is perfect for headline, creative, and presentation work, digital and print. The outline version offers a professional way to print, probably having found yourself if you stroke a typeface and send it to print, nightmares often happen. So the outline version is fully drawn, this is not a stroked version of the original face at all.

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