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Robin Nicholas, Creator of Arial Typeface, Comments On Web Fonts

Here is a video of Robin Nicholas creator of Arial discussing his creative inspirations and his thoughts on the evolution of fonts.
This has also been created to celebrate Monotype Imaging’s public beta launch of Web Fonts (

Danniele Norton wrote us telling:

Web Fonts is set to revolutionise the web design and communications industry, as it takes advantage of the advent of Cloud Computing. In short, it will give web page designers, content creators, brand holders and others to access to the widest range of fonts for designing web communications (branded sites, blogs and advertising), as well as personal sites and other material. Previously, designers could only use a handful of system fonts that reside on most computers or ones that were embedded in graphics. Web Fonts completely opens up the world of typography to designers and brands alike, looking to stand out from the crowd.


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  3. ok… yeah, Arial is important for the web, but isn’t it really the poor man’s Helvetica?

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