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Visual identity and communication campain of Nuits Sonores festival’s 9th edition.
Electronic and indie music festival, Lyon-France

Some wonderful work from Superscript², an independent Lyon based graphic design studio founded in 2006 by Pierre Delmas Bouly & Patrick Lallemand, in France.

The studio Superscript² invests different medias of expression from graphic design such as publishing (book, catalog, magazine, monograph, poster …) typography (original font design) and digital media (website, digital installation…) Superscript² works for a wide range of clients across various sectors, from cultural institutions to established companies and offers them practical design solutions where content and form are closely linked.

Since 2006, Superscript² has developed and produced Ink Magazine, a publication dedicated to the typographic item.
It aims to be a space to share, confront, exchange ideas and practices with the aim to offer multifaceted approaches of graphic design.
Both visual and theoretical.