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Typesetting TV – Episodes 1&2

Typesetting TV is a web-based documentary series highlighting graphic designers and the cities in which they live.

Here is Episode 1:

There are few designers with a more unique story than Austrian designer Elisabeth Kopf. From working as a taxi driver in Vienna, to becoming a self taught photographer in Hong Kong, her path towards design could hardly be called traditional.
However, after the birth of her son Luc, her natural talent in the field of graphic design was brought to life. What followed was an explosion of originality—and a completely new take on graphic design.
The music packaging in this video is a perfect example of her originality. Beautifully conceptual and innovative, this project not only shows the power of design, but also the importance of looking at the world—and the design brief—differently.
Check out Elisabeth’s amazing work on her website:
Note: Special thanks to the wonderfully talented Elisabeth Kopf and Kaethe Ivansich, as well as Elisabeth’s son Luc for their amazing hospitality. It was truly a highlight of season 1.
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Episode 2:

In episode 2, we visit Basics09 in Berlin, Germany to talk about their unique work, mixing print and web and the supreme importance of content in graphic design.

We also discuss the inspiring environment of creativity, community and innovation that Berlin has cultivated.

To see more of Basics09’s fantastic work, visit

Special thanks to Basics09 for their participation, as well as supplying the supplementary footage of their work.

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