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Barbican Arts Centre Identity

Following the direction set by the refurbished building (and perhaps inspired by 8vo’s work of a few years previous), the Barbican identity uses only Futura. But not just any Futura. The brand guidelines (thoughtfully designed in 2004–07 by North) specify Futura SH from Scangraphic, a cut designed specifically for large sizes. It is quite tightly spaced and omits most of the ink traps and other compensations made in the text-optimized cuts. Also note that the round shapes remain circular in all weights, unlike some versions of Futura.

The brand guideines book really is a fine piece of work. Anyone building a new typographic identity — or just a brand book — can glean much from it. Download a PDF of the typographic section.

P.S. The original Barbican identity from the 1970s was created by Lloyd Northover. That logo featured the same cropped circle, but the type was Walbaum.

via Fonts In Use: Staff Picks