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Casa do Conto

Casa do Conto or House of Tales in English is more than your avarage hotel. It is a place where you go and do not want to leave your room. I do not want to do a full review of the hotel, as this is not the place for it, but if you are planning a trip to Oporto — as you should — stay there! 

The R2 cielings give it an extra layer of whimsicality. On the studio’s website you can read about the process of getting the letters  the concrete: 

“the phrases were set into concrete panels using Styrofoam letters placed in a formwork. The use of concrete set limitations such as type size to ensure legibility, as well as depth of the letters which was conditioned by the steel bracing of the concrete slabs. The design and execution of the project took nearly three months.”

Every room has a story from different author related to the city and it‘s architecture. Which makes you want to explore the residence, and come back to stay at different rooms. 

You can see some pictures of the process at R2 Facebook page.

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