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Décor, the art of marketing

How do you sell something that looks horrible? You get someone who can sell ice to an Eskimo. The problem with that solution is that there are very few individuals that have that ability. This means that if you an ugly product you will have a hard time selling it. People are attracted by what they see, that is why pretty women get more requests for dates. Despite the fact that they may not be the best quality product.

The above example clearly shows that people will select a pretty looking thing even though it is an inferior product. This means that if you have a great product and it does not look good you will not make money.

Having a product and failing to make money is the definition of bad marketing. A real solution is to invest in decorating your product. There are many ways make your product more appealing to the public. A top way is to improve the look is to get graphic designers to come up with something visually appealing.

When there has been a substantial investment in making the product look good marketing it becomes easier. Regardless of whether you are selling the product online or in brick and mortar shops. At this level, it is clearly seen that décor becomes the heart of marketing.

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