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FontArk is a new browser-based font editor and creation tool, still in Beta, featuring a versatile real-time multiple glyph editing system. You can start a new typeface design from scratch or chose one of FontArk font editor’s growing structural ready made templates, to save time…


prototyp-0: Font generator / Processing

Yannick mathey is the author of an amazing application,  developed in Processing, for his diploma. Prototyp-0 is designed for the drawing of characters with an automated process, that greatly speeds up the creation process, thus generating in a very short time a multitude of fonts.…

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Google Font Directory

Google has launched it’s own Font API. All fonts in the Google Font directory are available for use on your website under an open source license and served by Google servers. TFTT Frankie.

Kromofons – Text as color

Kromofons is an alphabet, created by Florida physician Lee Freedman. The idea is that each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a color, allowing messages to be embedded in color images. For 35 years, between stints as a doctor, a real estate agent and a…

Incremental Leasing using CSS

Mark Boulton has a nice article over on his blog on incremental leading. Also, don´t miss ‘Compose to a Vertical Rhythm’ from Richard Rutter, and the article on Baseline Grids, from a List Apart. Source: Mark Boulton


This is pretty interesting… Computer generated text, using a digitized manuscript font. The results are great and very beliveable: FONTSELF is a type project about handwriting and drawn writing. It provides the ability to create fonts that preserves the gestures of a given handwriting and…