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Entertaining Types

Wallpaper Magazine asked various graphic designers and illustrators to design a series of covers for their August Handmade 2012 issue. This is the heartwarming and emotional story of one, Alan Kitching and his late wife Celia. For more Information:

Jurriaan Schrofer — Restless Typographer

  Unit Editions has launched a new book celebrating the experimental typography of Dutch graphic designer Jurriaan Schrofer. He worked for the renowned design studio Total Design and was an outspoken figure within Dutch professional design organisations. Most of all he was an experimentalist in letterforms and typography. He was a pioneer in corporate identity; […]


  Visual identity and communication campain of Nuits Sonores festival’s 9th edition. Electronic and indie music festival, Lyon-France Some wonderful work from Superscript², an independent Lyon based graphic design studio founded in 2006 by Pierre Delmas Bouly & Patrick Lallemand, in France. The studio Superscript² invests different medias of expression from graphic design such as publishing (book, catalog, […]

Scrabble Typography

This lovely Scrabble board is designed by Andrew Clifford Capener: The A-1 Scrabble designer edition. The purpose of this project was to revive an old, but loved game. The idea was to excite people about typography by giving them the ability to choose what font their scrabble set would come in. The set would be available […]