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Boris Dworschak just told me has released his new font over at Die-Gestalten. IkiruSerif is a contemporary Slab-Serif font family with enough esprit to make your graphic language teem with zest and power. Ikiru means “to live, to exist” in Japanese and the typeface comes in 10 weights including thin, light, medium, bold and their […]

Feijoa, by KLIM

KLIM is a typographic design studio run by Kris Sowersby. Presented here is Feijoa, a very elegant typeface, with lots of open type features (download PDF). Feijoa is my first serious book typeface, representing four summer’s worth of bloody hard work. I wanted a feeling of softness in a typeface, to design a type that […]

Fedra Arabic

Typotheque launched a new product: Fedra Arabic. It takes into consideration the contemporary uses of Arabic type and offers a pragmatic solution for multilingual typesetting. The simplified forms of Arabic are stripped of all decoration while keeping the intrinsic structure of the Arabic writing system. The typeface is available either as a separate Arabic font, […]

Matrix II

Matrix IIA redesign by Zuzana Licko Matrix II is a complete reworking of the Matrix type family which was originally designed by Zuzana Licko in 1985. The redesign, which started in January 2007, was initiated by the need to create an OpenType version of Matrix. With the hood open, so to speak, Licko used the […]