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New Kröller-Müller Museum visual identity

Edenspiekermann developed a dynamic typographic concept and logo that are based on the customer experience inside and outside the museum walls. It is both graphic and sculptural and becomes visible due to the interplay between light and shadow. They used Kris Sowersby’s beautifully crafted contemporary typeface ‘Karbon’ and brought it to life with the help […]


Cityroom (The New York Times), has invited 8 designers to critique the new NYC Taxi Logo: Perhaps not since 1970, when all medallion cabs were required by law to be painted yellow (to distinguish them from gypsy cabs), has the face of the New York City taxi changed so noticeably. City Room asked a number […]

Body Type: Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh

The first book devoted entirely to typographic tattoos. It has been called INSPIRING, SHOCKING, AND VOYEURISTIC… BODY TYPE explores the ideas and emotions behind this indelible commitment. From Shakespeare to Radiohead, from Dante to James Joyce, from celebrations of love to homage and memorial, the wide breadth of messages captured provides insight into the human […]