The Art of the Grid

Nice idea:

Whether we admit it or not, grids are an essential part of our life. Without grids, our lives would be messier, uglier, and more confusing places to live in. The Art of the Grid products will keep your life in order! Write your shopping lists, practice your layouts, and keep
your books and magazines on the shelves of grids that changed the history of design.

Source: Ace Jet 170

viaLetter – Type it and buy it!

There are times in life where, sending a special someone a greetings card is not enough. Times when you want to be different, stand out and be remembered.

ViaLetter gives you the opportunity to do just that.

Step 1 – Think of a word
Step 2 –
Select a typeface
Step 3 – Decide on your P&P
Step 4 – Attach your ‘word note’
Step 5 – Place your order

Fonts choosed to “get physical”: Classic Bauer Bodoni, Modern Rockwell Condensed, Fun Frankfurter and (of course) the Timeless Helvetica.

Here’s one original use for them:

Emigre for Christmas

From Emigre, via Tipophile:
Emigre Gift Ideas
Emigre may just have the perfect gift for your designer friend (or yourself), and the wrapping paper to wrap it all up in. Better yet, we’ll include a gift! All orders over $5 shipped in December will receive a free set of the Puzzler wrapping paper. (Offer excludes font download orders.)

Our Most Popular Gift Items
A new offering of handmade, ceramic vases by Zuzana Licko is now available. The vases feature an assortment of colorful glazes applied to various shades of stoneware. Heights range from 3 to 11 inches.

A limited number of rare back issues of Emigre magazine are still available. Currently on display at New York’s MoMA, all our back issues have become true collector’s items.

And check out our T-Shirts, Artist Books, Posters and the always popular Sampler Bag, containing a collection of Emigre goodies.

Buy! 🙂