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Depero Futurista

Looking forward to this facsimile edition of the Bolted Book, filled with typographic experimentation and serving as a showcase for Depero’s art in a variety of media, it is universally recognized as a tour de force of avant-garde book-making.

Fortunato Depero’s 1927 monograph Depero Futurista, which means “Depero the Futurist,” is also known as The Bolted Book, because it is famously bound together by two large industrial aluminum bolts. Acknowledged as the first modern-day artist’s book, it is universally recognized as a tour de force of avant-garde book-making. The Center for Italian Modern Art in New York, the Mart, Museum of modern and contemporary art of Trento and Rovereto, Italy (which houses the Depero archives), and Designers & Books (New York) are collaborating on a Kickstarter (launching on October 18) to publish a new facsimile edition of this groundbreaking book.


Euro 2016 Poster by Parallel

If you like football, you will be glad to know that Parallel studio, from London, has designed a beautiful Litho-print A1 poster with the schedule of the Euro 2016 Tournament. Each poster is printed on 170gsm magno gloss paper, in the colors of france, the host country: red, blue and white. Only 100 available for 20 pounds each, get yours while it lasts.

euro2016-poster-frame1 euro2016-close-up-main-web1



FontArk is a new browser-based font editor and creation tool, still in Beta, featuring a versatile real-time multiple glyph editing system.

You can start a new typeface design from scratch or chose one of FontArk font editor’s growing structural ready made templates, to save time and start tweaking the template to get the desired look. Go have a try, it’s only free for a limited time.


Drawing characters with Fontark font editor is as easy as can be. Built over a fluid grid (the Matrix), a sophisticates glyphs synchronization system (The SX system) and an automatic Outline generator all you have to do in order to create your font is draw the center line (Skeleton) of the characters, all the rest can and will be tweaked easily later on. Never struggle to create grids, parallel outline curves and be bothered with the right thickness of the font.

Here is another video that introduces you to the process:

FontArk users create fonts for their own use and have full creative rights on their creation. FontArk published several fonts for free at Free Fonts For All.


Contraband Playing Cards


Designed by Joe White, Contraband Playing Cards were inspired by secret societies, conspiracy theories, and everything unknown. Laced with gold, structured around custom typography, these playing cards use an art deco approach to create a one of a kind design. With intricate details, this deck is shielded in gold and black foil.
If playing with real cards is not your thing, or if you are getting a hard time finding players to join you at the table, you can go ahead and try a virtual game table like Netbet Online Casino, for a blackjack or poker game.